" I became a candidate with the Maverick Party for three reasons:
  1. The West has lost any semblance of a voice in Ottawa- we're an afterthought at the federal level.
  2. That lack of a voice has created a toxic economic climate where middle-class families are beginning to have issues keeping jobs, saving, or providing the necessities of life.
  3. I'm a family man with two young ones of my own, and if we extend this injustice out far enough, it's going to affect my children. I realized people like myself need to step up and make their voice heard- or else we are all in trouble. "
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True Western Representation

Maverick Party Members of Parliament will always defend the best interests of Western Canadians and only support legislation that benefits their constituents and the West.

Fairness or Freedom

Maverick Party supports greater provincial autonomy in critical areas such as taxation, pensions, immigration, and policing. Our Twin Track approach outlines our support to end the equalization formula, scrap all carbon taxes and implement 5 proposed constitutional amendments. We support the use of referenda for citizens to have their say.

Justice for All

Maverick Party believes citizens have the right to defend themselves, their family and home, and the right to own land and property free from confiscation. We believe law abiding citizens should not be penalized for owning firearms but those using guns for criminal purposes must face serious consequences.

Market Western Resources

Maverick Party advocates for the development of all western natural resources while expanding our ability to get them to our chosen markets, including the development and expansion of

pipelines, railways, and roadways.

Sustainable Prosperous Future

Maverick Party believes the future belongs to our youth and generations to follow. We must be stewards of our land, natural resources, technology, and the environment to ensure a healthy and prosperous tomorrow, with equal access to unlimited opportunities. 

Putting Families First

Maverick Party believes families should choose the best childcare options for their children with the support of tax credits or direct financial support. We advocate for the review of services provided to our seniors and veterans to ensure they are adequately compensated in their retirement.

  1. The Maverick Party supports repealing Bills C-48 (North Pacific Tanker Ban) and C-69 (No New Pipelines)

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for increased exploration and mining of minerals to expand our capacity for future manufacturing of goods and resources for Canadians
    first and then for export purposes.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate for the export of our leading-edge technologies in the areas of oil, natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, and carbon sequestration to assist other nations in reducing their harmful emissions.

  4. The Maverick Party supports the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline, Northern Gateway, and new potential pipelines such as Fort McMurray to Valdez and Fort McMurray to Churchill Manitoba.

  5. The Maverick Party urges all levels of government to accelerate opportunities to develop energy corridors with First Nations partners to ship our ethical energy to world markets.

Fiscal Responsibility
  1. The Maverick Party supports Western provinces receiving full compensation after opting out of new Federal cost-shared programs.

  2. The Maverick Party supports the increased autonomy of western provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) in the areas of taxation, pension, healthcare, childcare, employment insurance (EI), immigration, energy, environment, etc.

    In addition, the Maverick Party supports the equal treatment of the western provinces in these programs and in any future changes to federal-provincial agreements.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate to prohibit any Federal government from spending, taxing, and legislating in areas of provincial or joint jurisdiction without the consent of affected provinces. This position will be aligned with Maverick Party’s Second Proposed Constitutional Amendment: “Provincial Rights Amendment”. 

  4. Given the recent immense increase in government spending, The Maverick Party supports increased financial support for the Offices of the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Equalization Formula
  1. The Maverick Party supports scrapping the existing Equalization Formula.

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for a fair equalization formula that would include (for example) provincial income revenue from renewable energy (e.g., Hydro Quebec) not just from non-renewable (oil), rather than abolishing the principle of prosperous provinces sharing with “have-not” provinces as enshrined in the current Constitution of Canada.

  3. The Maverick Party will strenuously advocate for the removal of current constraints on the Fiscal Stabilization Program that prevents Alberta from receiving billions of dollars in equalization rebates.

Trade and Industry
  1. The Maverick Party supports participation in negotiating and implementing international agreements affecting the West’s interests. We will push for the western provincial representatives to be at the negotiating table and to participate in any international agreements that affect the interests of western Canadians and in particular, our natural resource industries.

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for the reduction of trade barriers within Canada and promote free trade across provincial jurisdictions.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate for cross-border rights-of-way and transportation corridors. We support the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain, Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, and potential new pipeline routes such as Fort McMurray to Valdez, Alaska, and Fort McMurray to Churchill, Manitoba. See: Maverick Party’s First Constitutional Amendment Market Access at

  4. The Maverick Party supports the design and advancement of regional strategies for northern development. We will advocate for the federal government and northern territories to pursue discussions on northern development strategies to increase employment and business opportunities for the West and North.

    Importance of mining and exploration for rare and essential minerals should be a priority including oil and gas in the context of assisting other nations, especially the world’s large emitters, in reducing their global green house gas emissions.