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Ex-Conservative Ontario MP Dereck Slone has come to Alberta

Recently I have had a couple of people tell me that they are considering the messaging of the People's Party of Canada and Derek Sloan.

The PPC is a federal party, subject to the same electoral drivers as the Liberals, PCs and NDP. It will fail if it doesn't satisfy voters in Ontario and Quebec. It MUST listen to those voters to be successful. Then it will abandon Western voters - just like all the other parties.

I think Derek Sloan has come to Alberta, not for Westerners' benefit, but his own. His particular brand of politics wasn't well received in Ontario, so he thought he would see if support could be found here, He is not here because he has any particular love of the Western provinces. He is not a Westerner. Do you really want this (one) guy to represent you? It seems to me that he is in politics for his benefit, not yours.

This time it isn't about Left or Right politics. It is about the West. The Maverick Party is the only Western Canadian party. Its sole mission is to elect Western MPs for the benefit of Western Canadians.

We need your help to achieve True Western Representation

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