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Conservatives to Favor Quebec if they win

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

O'Toole announced a Conservative government would make a deal with Quebec to enshrine its rights over immigration, taxation and language as a nation.

Erin O'Toole

"In the first 100 days of a Conservative government, several actions will be taken to give Quebec the powers of a nation." Erin O'Toole

What about Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC? There is no mention of independent nation status for Western Canadians. The Conservatives plan no such special treatment for the West. Why would they? The voters they need to win the election are in Ontario and Quebec. The Conservatives take advantage of Western Canadians who have consistently voted conservatively. But no more.

Maverick Party will send MPs to Ottawa to represent, defend and protect the best interests of Western Canadians in areas such as pipeline development, promoting our resource sectors, growing our manufacturing sectors, ensuring access to tide water, defending drought-stricken farmers, scrapping the equalization formula and the repeal all carbon taxes that serve to cripple the West’s energy sector – the financial golden goose of Canada.

Unlike the Federal Conservatives and Liberals, the Maverick Party will also support Alberta’s Equalization Referendum. Although the referendum is non-binding, if passed with a strong majority, it will show leaders like Trudeau and O’Toole that the West is no longer prepared to fund eastern largesse.

The Maverick Party is the only Western Canadian party. Its sole mission is to elect Western MPs for the benefit of Western Canadians.

We need your help to achieve True Western Representation

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